Friday, August 3, 2012

2 Small Projects

Apart from working on getting my online store all setup and ready to go, I have also been working on a couple of small projects. The first was a beret, the first time I had ever knitted one!  I was surprised at how quickly they knit up and was done within 24hrs.  I chose a pattern off Ravelry, the lovely Star Crossed Slouchy Beret by Natalie Larson. I got my oldest to pick a colour and knitted the beret up for her.  I didn't change the size though so it is a little bit loose for her as it's meant to be worn by an adult.  I must admit, I have borrowed it from time to time too.  It's amazing how much warmer you are with something on your head, especially when it's made of 100% merino wool!  This was made in Manos del Uruguay's Rittenhouse which is a lovely and soft 5-ply yarn, in colourway Magenta.  Definitely a favourite of mine from the Manos collection.

Then I decided to use some yarn which I was sampling to knit up a cowl which I had promised to my friend, Ben Abraham, about a year ago.  I used Twinkle Baby Chunky in Moss and found a cool manly cowl pattern to use.  I modified the pattern quite a bit but essentially ended up with the same effect, just in a smaller size, using chunkier wool.  Glad to say, it fitted Ben perfectly AND he loved it.  Success!  Now I just have to get him to model it for me so I can take some decent shots of it.

Along with these 2 projects, I have still been working on a Rowan's Savannah Dune cardigan for myself. But that has been a bit slow going.  Hoping to get it done by spring!