Saturday, May 12, 2012

Knitting For A Marriage

Over the last couple of weeks I have had to put my own knitting projects on hold to knit a shrug for myself for a friend's wedding. I have the privilege of being her matron of honor and because it's a winter wedding, we need something woolly to keep us warm. It's a lace pattern so it probably won't be toasty but at least it'll look pretty!  I'll share some photos later on.

But speaking of knitting and weddings, I was thinking about how a marriage is a lot like knitting. 

In knitting:
First we pick out which pattern we want to commit to, then we obtain the tools and resources for us to be able to start on it, and then we begin.  There are bumps and mistakes along the way.  Sometimes we even wonder why we chose to start on this project in the first place.  We go back, unpick, try to figure out the pattern again and learn about what we might have missed the previous times around, and knit again.  And just when we think we finally got it, we lose concentration,  make another mistake and we find ourselves unraveling once again.  But I think most of us knitters will choose to keep knitting till completion, and finally, we have a beautiful piece of art to show for all our hard work.

In marriage:
We pick out who we want to commit to, obtain all the knowledge and tools available to enable us to start on this journey together.  We are excited about the start and can't wait for our lives together to begin.  Then, we realise that there are bumps along the way, our enthusiasm fades.  There are times of smooth sailing and times of turmoil and sometimes even doubt.  Unfortunately in this day and age, many then choose to walk away and leave the tangled mess behind.  But if anyone reading this is struggling today, I encourage you to unlearn and re-learn what you have to, be humble and know that mistakes will be made but they are not impossible to get over.  Forgive one another and re-commit your time and efforts to this project called marriage. Eventually the bumps will iron out and you will have something beautiful to show for all your hard work.  And even if at the end it is not perfect, don't worry, because nothing and no one is perfect anyway!

So, I hope I have given all of you out there some hope today, whether for the completion of your knitting project or for the re-commitment of your marriage.  Just know that whatever it is, you are not alone so hang in there and keep on keeping-on.  We will all get there one day. :)


  1. Joan you are a very wise woman. This was said simply and was encouraging. I have said it before and I will say it again, I am glad God chose you as a wife for my son, we are all blessed to have you as part of our lives.