Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Princess Party

October is a busy month in our household with both daughters having their birthdays just 5 days apart.  We decided to throw a simple party just for our 4 year old and her friends but leaving the planning to my husband meant that it wasn't going to be so simple afterall.  Who would have thought that an engineer would be so good at planning a princess party?!  We called it "Princess Amber's Birthday Party and the Dragon".

Upon arrival, the girls, all dressed up in their princess dresses, got to decorate their own tiaras with glitter glue and stickers. They then got dolled up with rings, bracelets and lip gloss before heading outside where they were greeted with a red carpet lined with purple, pink and silver balloons, a princess tent, a castle pinata, afternoon tea and a treasure hunt.

 They each had to find a necklace with a key on it, which they would have to use later on in the party. The princesses got to play pin the tail on the donkey, then had a go at swinging a sword at the pinata.

 After a fairly delicate rush for the fallen lollies, they got to play duck, duck, goose and pass the parcel.  We had planned for them to decorate some mini-cupcakes too but the girls seemed too busy and happy prancing around the yard in their dresses and having their afternoon tea in the tent.

On the menu we had mini quiches, party pies, sausage rolls, chips, carrot and celery sticks, dips, fairy bread, jelly cups, cupcakes and a fruit platter.  To go with that we also had some Fruitalicious tea from T2 which is a lovely child-friendly fruity mix.  This also proved to be a hit with the adults.

Then it was cake time.  Amber had requested a tower castle cake with a princess on the top and a dragon at the bottom.  As usual, daddy dearest managed to deliver.  He used a rosewater cake recipe for the cake, made 2 layers of it, one uncoloured and the other pink. With fresh cream in the middle and purple butter cream icing on the outside, it was a lovely, moist cake.  Did I mention there was also a moat with drawbridge and chocolate rocks at the bottom?  All edible too!

 As the party was drawing to a close, of course the dragon had to make an appearance or the story wouldn't be complete.  I must admit we didn't spend much time at all on a dragon suit but at least we had fire which was made from scrunched up red and yellow streamers.  There was a mini treasure chest for each princess.  The tricky part was that they had to steal it without the dragon waking up and getting them with his fire.  The princesses seemed to have the most fun with this game and actually all managed to successfully retrieve their treasure boxes without getting caught by the dragon's fire.

 And now for the best part, they got to open their treasure boxes with the keys which they had found earlier on in the treasure hunt.  Inside they had a dragon finger puppet, golden chocolate coins, lollipops, lollies, fruity lip gloss and scented nail polish.  This was their "lolly bag" which they all got to bring home with them.

So that was our princess party, and a successful one at that!  If you'd like to hire my husband to plan a party for your child, he comes highly recommended! :)  What kind of parties have you thrown for your child?

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  1. Fabulous! A truly wonderful party.. and all planned by your husband? Amazing!! I'm sure each and every one of your guests had a memorable time!